Training Lilly & Blue


Lilly and Blue have been hand raised from the time they are very young. They are given thousands of hours of training and constant care by their individual trainers.

People often think it's dangerous to get so close to wild animals like these, but the handlers here at Jungle Tech Group have been with them from a young age and have developed a special bond. JTG has a proven method of dealing with these animals: Never treat them as pets; lots of tender loving care; and thousands of hours of one on one handling, as well as positive reinforcement.

Lilly and Blue are being trained as ambassadors for an upcoming project in the very near future. As we publish more and more pictures of their development it is important that we also share our training methods and instruments.

Below are two very important pieces of equipment.

First, the training poles these are an extension of the trainers arm when training Lilly and Blue and also for the trainers protection. They are used in many ways during training but NEVER to harm the animal. They are buckled around the trainers waist with the poles behind them. The grey box is where the treats are stored.


Second: the leads. We start them out on the chain lead so we have a little more control when leading them from one area to the next. As they become more comfortable we upgrade to the combination lead part chain and part rope.