International Business Development

steve karoul

Steve is a world renowned and recognized authority on international business.  Steve is an American but has lived in South Africa, Istanbul Turkey, Hong Kong, Bangkok Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore.  He has also conducted business in over 100 different countries around the world and therefore understands both cultural awareness and the economic drivers of tourism combined with international business.  “Unique attractions attract large volumes of visitors to unique destinations”.  Perception is reality and reality is perception in the international marketplace.  Large volumes of people represent money and Tourism today is a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives on creative innovation.  Steve has also been an integral part of various senior management teams at some of the world’s top casino destination resorts and therefore also understands the motivations and emotional factors that often influence an individual to choose one tourist destination over another.  Steve studied Wildlife Biology for a while in undergraduate school before switching to Business.

He was also fortunate enough to have worked in Africa and was able to personally witness the excitement and appeal of wild animals during his many safaris in Africa.  Jungle Tech is one of the very few companies in the world today that can offer countries, cities and resorts a unique experience that cannot easily be replicated for numerous reason the least of which is limited numbers of very rare species of animals.  Panda bears have one of the highest appeals but their source is extremely limited.  The second most appealing attractions are large cats especially Tigers which are the most exotic but also extremely limited in source.  Steve understands governmental tourism authorities as well as private industry and has the ability and experience to help create incredibly unique experiences working with the Jungle Tech team and resources.