jungle tech group

The Jungle Tech Group's team of Safety Experts have a perfect safety record - with no mishaps!  100% Safety is the FIRST PRIORITY in everything we do! This is due to the Jungle Tech Group's stringent safety standards and practices. At the Jungle Tech Group we are proud the be the planet's most proven and safe wildlife team of experts. We realize that all animals have the ability to be dangerous. Therefore the Jungle Tech Group's expert team of behaviorists, veterinarians and builders use only time tested methods. We take no risks! We never put the public, our staff, or our precious wildlife in harm's way - ever! SAFETY is our NUMBER ONE policy at the Jungle Tech Group! This is how we have enjoyed a perfect safety record since day one!

When the world has wildlife safety questions they look to the resident Safety Experts of the Jungle Tech Group for answers. From CNN to CBS, NBC and the BBC - news sources the world over utilize our staff experts to bring you factual and reliable information.