A Different Kind of CEO

Rob's tiger head-min

Rob Curtis is the principal conceptualist and designer of the Garden of Eden project. He guides each element of the development to assure that it is dynamic, functional and profitable. Rob has strategically developed, researched and refined each of the income streams generated by the development. Then focusing on the secondary, though even more significant product benefits. Such as piercing demographic and marketing barriers and commanding market share. Rob brings to the Jungle Tech Group nearly two decades of international business experience.

Rob's cutting edge approach to business and design has been instrumental in developing and nurturing the Garden of Eden project. His careful attention to customer study and customer care is unique. Rob's approach to opening doors is quite simple - "reach for the top, touch the decision maker, then learn your client, learn their needs and beliefs". Rob's philosophy - "understanding our client's principles of operation, and equally important, defining paths to reach and to service their guests better, is at the center of everything we do. We want to provide entertainment, excitement, and knowledge, all the while focusing unparalleled care and communication with each guest".

...From the age of a young boy I was captivated by the beauty, mystery and very awing-spiritual presence of the tiger...                Robert Paul Curtis