garden of eden

The Garden of Eden is unique to the planet, let alone the resort world. For several extraordinary performance reasons this project model has been specifically designed for world class resort locations. The Garden of Eden delivers a sensational experience for resort guests, creates new and highly profitable income streams, and provides an abundance of other opportunities for your overall resort operation. The image, branding and draw this development offers is priceless. The Garden of Eden is a unique design for making your property one of a kind. This will make you the most publicized, recognized resort destination in your part of the world.

The Garden of Eden opens new income streams for your property by way of offering these products and services:

  • Restaurant
  • Jaguar Bar
  • Gift Shop
  • High End Furnishings Gallery
  • Barista Coffee Bar
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Special Tours
  • VIP Bungalow Suites
  • High End Weddings & Corp. Events
  • Film Shoots
  • Instantly create a dominant public hook and image that advertising dollars alone cannot achieve.
  • Instantly create a dominate public hook/image that advertising dollars alone cannot build.
  • The White Lions and Tigers will command local, national and international press coverage.
  • The White Lions and Tigers will make your resort a family friendly destination.
  • The White Lion and Tiger educational programs for schools and young resort guests will illustrate on a grand scale how your property is contributing to the community.
  • The White Lions and Tigers will bring to life your television, radio and print campaigns giving your marketing team the tools they need to captivate the market.

The Garden of Eden can be built on a variety of scales and designs, including the full package above or just some of the specific elements. At a time when the resort industry is experiencing change and navigating through record transformation, the Garden of Eden is the right choice to help your property lead the market!