Wildlife Transport Manager

Nancy Curtis

Nancy is not only our transportation specialist, she is also the mother of the Jungle Tech Group CEO – Robert Paul Curtis. Nancy’s early beginnings in wildlife management began when her son Robert, then 22 years old adopted a Siberian tiger cub named Eden. Rob and Eden had arrived to her home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Eden, then just 4 months old tore up Nancy’s garden and left her garden hose in shreds. Eden also forever captivated Nancy’s heart and the rest of the family too.

Over the past decade Nancy has been charged with coordinating various types of high risk and specialized transportation for both humans and wildlife. During Robert’s 2005 Long Beach Harbor Strait Jacket Escape, Nancy was tasked with coordinating the helicopter that would fly her son over 100 feet over the Pacific Ocean for the escape. She was also responsible for coordinating police motorcade services, stunt-team transport, ambulance support on land and water, coordination with transport regulatory agencies, etc. She managed all of this while containing her natural motherly fears of watching her son dangling from a helicopter. Having a magician son from an early age has meant having a son who hangs out in water torture cells and off of helicopters.

Nancy currently oversees the specialized daily transportation needs of our wildlife and staff. She works alongside our dedicated wildlife care team to ensure safe transport of our Royal White Tiger collection.