jungle tech group

The Jungle Tech Group® is the Culmination of the IHM Group's creative talents blending together to form one cutting edge team. Today's most innovative Developers and Designers join minds with the World's most accomplished Wildlife Directors, Animal Behaviorists, Veterinarians, Food & Beverage Experts, Gaming Industry Experts, Regulatory Compliance specialist and Contractual & Trade Specialists . This perfect fusion of world class artists and experts on one team, is dedicated to providing dynamic entertainment services created specially for the resort industry.

Today the creative forces of the Jungle Tech Group are concentrated on providing exciting new development attractions for Indian Gaming Resort Properties in North America.

The Jungle Tech Group has a separate unit which caters to International Resorts, with a special focus in the United Arab Emirates and the Caribbean. Offering our clients unparalleled results through: capturing greater market share, allowing them to dominate the marketing/publicity arena, providing patrons with a true resort experience (which is also family friendly), creating an exciting identity for your property (or a hook), helping diversify and expand customer demographics, capturing new enormous income streams, and most importantly tapping into other very well established, massive tourism streams for new business. The team at the Jungle Tech Group is your best ingredient for success!