Manager of Tiger Care


Cheryl is originally from the state of California and grew up in Orange County. From a young age, her parents taught her to love animals and nature. Cheryl loves all species, but cats have always been her favorite. She has always wanted to work with as many species of cat as possible, with tigers being the ultimate goal. Cheryl graduated the Moorpark College EATM Program in 2016. As a graduate of the program, she has worked with a variety of animals including, a mountain lion, a Canada lynx, a serval, a parrot, a llama, a hawk, and lemurs. Cheryl believes in conservation through education, and believes making a connection between the public and the animals is essential for the conservation of species. She joined the Jungle Tech Group team with the introduction of Lilly and Blue into our wildlife collection. Cheryl has been an integral part of our tigers’ lives since they arrived here in the Golden State. The tigers recognize her as Mama Cheryl! On any given day Cheryl is charged with every aspect of tiger care ranging from diet preparation, hands on free-contact training using operant conditioning, monitoring and treating all medical concerns, pre-surgery planning and preparations, weight management, enrichment and the overall happiness of our tigers. Cheryl’s focus on animal care and her dedication to the Jungle Tech Group team are unparalleled. The Jungle Tech Group team is proud to have entrusted our Royal White Tiger collection in her care.